I space
Chicago gallery of the College of Fine and Applied Arts
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

230 W. Superior, Floor 2
Chicago, IL 60654


November 20 - December 19, 2009

The Philosophe's Tango: Permanence and Flow
The Last Works of David Bushman 1945-2008

The School of Art + Design is pleased to celebrate the work and career of Professor David Bushman. David influenced the paths of countless students during his tenure at the university. An exhibition of drawings and works on paper has been organized by Jerry Savage, a colleague of David's and founder of I space. It is a great pleasure to work with Jerry on this, our last exhibition at I space, as we worked together on the first one, in 1992.

Architecture of Crisis
Roger Hubeli, Julie Larsen with Aptum Architecture In collaboration with Beat Steuri

Today, we are combating the economic, social and environmental crisis that resulted from the housing bubble. With the potential surplus of 22 million vacant homes across the US, we are left with an abundance of material rendered unusable. The question is no longer how to build higher quality construction but how to rethink the use of existing materials embedded in this suburban landscape. This is an opportunity to challenge norms through a reevaluation of current disinvestment. If we do not act, the event of crisis could be described as failure. Our current state of affairs offers an opportunity to revisit the meaning and value of architecture from the detail of construction to the scale of the urban fabric. The economic crisis has become a material crisis.

photo credit Wallo Villacorta